The Business

Witch House Design sells vintage inspired plastic toys, paper decorations, jewelry, and anything else we decide to create!

Witch House Design started in the summer of 2015 after we both had finished college with Graphic Design degrees and finally had some extra time to begin working on a new venture together. We both love vintage holiday decorations, especially Halloween, as well as creating, designing, and making things. We decided we wanted to start making our own holiday creations however we could, so we gathered the skills we had learned already, and taught ourselves new ones as needed, to start Witch House Design. 

The Creators

Ryan: Inspired by his collection of vintage candy containers, toys, and paper decorations, Ryan started making his own holiday plastic decorations. He bought a 3D printer, learned how to create designs with 3D software, and has been making holiday vintage inspired toys and decorations since 2015 with many more to come!

Erica: With a love for any paper ephemera, including vintage paper decorations, post cards, and greeting cards, along with some drawing and computer illustration abilities, Erica started making her own vintage inspired holiday paper decorations and hopefully more products in the near future!